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  • August 04, 2011

Investing in Green Energy

Touring Celestica with Premier McGuinty

I recently toured Celestica (Don Mills and Eglinton) with Premier McGuinty to acknowledge their hard work in helping Ontario become a global leader in clean energy.

Celestica is creating and retaining up to 500 jobs through a project to build solar panels and inverters, devices that convert solar energy for use in Ontario’s electricity grid, at its Don Valley West facility.

Our clean energy plan is benefitting the local economy and helping to protect the environment for generations to come and I'm proud of our government’s work with Celestica, a global expert in green manufacturing and supply chain, to create good jobs for the constituents of Don Valley West.

This initiative is part of our government's Green Energy Investment Agreement to encourage energy developers and manufacturers to do business in the province.  Ontario’s green energy economy has added 20,000 new jobs since 2009. 

Building a clean, modern and reliable electricity system is part of our government's plan to attract clean energy investments and create good jobs in communities across Ontario.

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