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  • July 14, 2011

Kathleen Wynne e-News, December 19, 2010

2010 Overview of a successful year

Hi everyone,

On December 9th, the Ontario Legislature wrapped up its fall session, which saw the government take action on several fronts.

Ontario is moving closer to economic recovery. Working together with Ontarians, our government has been cutting taxes and creating incentives to grow the job market to make things easier for Ontario families.

To do that, we announced a long-term energy plan that will make our air cleaner, keep the lights on, and create thousands of jobs. We’re already seeing results with investments and jobs in most regions around Ontario.

We saw significant job gains as a result of our strategic investments in the auto industry. Those gains include 700 new jobs created at General Motors’ Oshawa Assembly Plant, in addition to the recall of 1,300 workers last spring.

This is all good news. However, we understand the economic situation has created some uncertainty, so another of our key priorities was to help Ontarians with household expenses. With that in mind, we created the Children’s Activity Tax Credit, which gives parents a tax credit to enrol their kids in activities like hockey, music lessons, or ballet.

Our government also introduced the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit, which will take 10 per cent off monthly electricity bills for families, farms and small businesses.

And we created the Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit, providing eligible families up to $900 a year to help with the sales tax on energy and for property taxes. Seniors are eligible for up to $1,025.

We’ve also been working to strengthen vital services, like education and health care.

To help our youngest students get the best start possible, we introduced full-day kindergarten in nearly 600 schools across Ontario. We plan to expand the program across the province over the next few years.

We’ve continued improving access to health care so that one million more Ontarians now have access to a family doctor than did in 2003.

All of these initiatives are part of our plan – the Open Ontario Plan – which is designed to create new jobs, to boost economic growth, and to protect the progress that we’ve made in schools and hospitals.

Ontario is recovering. But for that growth to continue, we need to continue to create jobs, to invest in health care and education, and to make things a little easier for Ontario families.

For anyone interested, I have posted all the bills that were passed this session on my website. Please check out some more of our progress here:

Please contact me any time if you have questions or concerns.

Happy holidays,

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