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  • April 13, 2017

8th Annual Don Valley West Community Service Volunteer Awards 2017

Suomi koti Auditorium

MPP Wynne hosted her 8th Annual Don Valley West Community Service Volunteer awards ceremony at the Soumi koti Auditorium on Wednesday, April 12, 2017.

A number of community members and agencies across the Riding nominated outstanding individuals who devote both their time and energy to make a difference to the communities they live or work in.  A total of 39 individuals from diverse backgrounds received their awards for their immense efforts in serving others.

The recepients are Alan Redway, Brook Physick, Emily Chan, Jean Hammond, John Hudspith, Sakib Osman, Analee Stein, Dr. Jocelyn Charles, Jonathan Mosley, Jean McCluskey, Donna Tuttle, Linda Shwarz, Sally Spofforth, Safeera Mulla, Munira Khilji, Ky Pruesse, Mohammad Shakir Limbada, Shamiza Baig, Jennifer Hayden, Aref Mohammadi, Abdul Shaalan, Sara Ahmed, Michael Ma, Mamta Lilani, John Le, Talha Zubair Malik, Iftikhar Safi, Abeir Liton, Ansar khan, Rashid Dasoo, Jane Elizabeth Hooey, Rozina Budhwani, Nasim Patel, Jason Hames, Vaz Perpetual, Tauqir Uddin, Staff Sargeant Moyer, Div.53, Officer David Bessco, Div. 54 and Adil Patel. Each of them received an award certificate for their love of volunteering.

Congratulations to all!

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