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Register Your Newborn Baby

The Newborn Registration Service is a convenient way to complete up to four important transactions online at the same time:

  1. Register the birth of your baby under the age of one year
  2. Apply for your baby's Birth Certificate
  3. Apply for your baby's Social Insurance Number
  4. Apply for your baby’s Canada Child Benefits

Before You Start

To register your newborn baby you will need:

  • The child’s date of birth
  • The child’s first, middle (if applicable) and last names
  • The birth mother's maiden name
  • The name of the hospital or birthing centre where the birth took place (if applicable)
  • The name of the person who attended the birth (physician, midwife or other)
  • The weight of the child
  • The duration of pregnancy in weeks
  • You can only use this service for up to five children (quintuplets)
  • A valid method of payment (VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Interac® Online) if applying for a birth certificate

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Additional Information

  • A child's birth can be registered with either one or two parents named on the birth registration. A parent must be one of the following:
  • The child's mother, who is the woman who gave birth to the child
  • The child's father, if he is the biological father and if he is acknowledged by the mother and agrees to be named on the birth registration
  • The child's "other parent", who is a non-biological parent of the child, where the child was born from assisted conception with an anonymous sperm donor. An other parent can only be named on the birth registration if he/she is acknowledged by the mother and he/she agrees to be named on the birth registration
  • The birth registration must be signed by each parent whose information is included on the birth registration form, unless that parent is incapable due to illness or death
  • If both parents are incapable, or the mother is incapable and the father is unknown or unacknowledged by the mother, and the child has no other parent, the statement may be completed and signed by an informant acting on the mother’s behalf. In this case, a statutory declaration must be submitted. Information on statutory declarations will be provided at the end of your online session.  For further information contact ServiceOntario at 416-325-8305 or 1-800-461-2156
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Learn about ServiceOntario’s commitment to privacy and security
  • Before you begin, please ensure that you meet these browser requirements
  • This service is tested daily with McAfee SECURE™ to ensure the security of the transaction and information

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