International Women's Day Celebration Youth Conference 2016 Jane's Walk in Leaside Mother's Day Event Community Service Volunteer Awards Canada Day picnic Eid Bazaar and Iftar 2016 Thorncliffe Park Back to School event
International Women's Day CelebrationParkview Manor
Youth Conference#LoveYourself
2016 Jane's Walk in LeasideFocus on Laird Drive
Mother's Day EventGateway Public School
Community Service Volunteer Awards
Canada Day picnicMarc Garneau C I
Eid Bazaar and Iftar 2016Gateway Public School
Thorncliffe Park Back to School eventSeptember 3, 2016
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Posted: July 05, 2016

Canada Day picnic

Marc Garneau C I

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The kids at Courcelette PS love to build and so do we! Announced 28 new schools this AM and major additions or reno…

October 24, 2016 11:11 AM

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